About The Bridget Brigade Foundation

Founded in the memory of Bridget Marie Dobbins, the Bridget Brigade Foundation (BBF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that raises funds to provide support to families from Massachusetts with a critically-ill child. We have helped families with children who have illnesses such as brain tumors, liver cancer, kidney cancer, ovarian cancer and severe brain damage.
Coping with illnesses can take a toll on every family member, and needs vary for each person. Our financial assistance has ranged from $50-$5,000 per family, and selection is based on hospital referrals, needs and current funding. For families requiring financial assistance, the BBF has provided large grants to help with rent/mortgage payments, heating bills and other monthly living expenses. Our smaller “quality of life” funds offer unique support for life's “little extras,” such as a spa day for a mother, tickets to a sporting event for an entire family, college supplies, a night out for parents, hair cuts or a birthday party for a sibling. In addition to helping families, the BBF has assisted local hospitals, including Winchester Hospital, with projects and equipment for their pediatric departments.